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"Koh Gen Do remains one of my favorite skin care and makeup lines. I have used it for years and again recently on Naomi Watts on 'Demolition' and on the cast of 'Joy' this winter. My favorite go-to products are the Maifanshi Moisture Foundation, the Liquid Treatment Concealer, the Maifanshi Face Powder to set the makeup without looking powdery, and the Maifanshi Cream Tint.
I also love love love the Cleansing Water Cloth and Macro Vintage Essence Mask. I apply the Macro Vintage Essence Mask on my actresses a couple of times a week while they are getting their hair done so their skin is plumped, moisturized and fresh when they sit down in my chair!"
Evelyne Noraz, Makeup Dept. Head for Joy and Demolition

"Koh Gen Do is simply the best, that is why I use it - If you have to wear a foundation all day, every day I'd always choose Koh Gen Do. Your skin will feel like it's had a beautiful protective treatment on all day. Koh Gen Do always blends beautifully and clings well hour after hour... A film set is the harshest and most demanding location."
Gretchen Bright, Makeup Dept. Head for Good Kill
"Koh Gen Do helps me have and create flawless looks on my actors. There is not a job I go too or a makeup trailer that does not use or contain their makeup. Generally when people ask me what my favorite makeup brand it is impossible to say because what I use depends always on the actor, situation and the format. In the case of Koh Gen Do, I can very honestly say that their products are being used on every job I do. I am obsessed! It is an amazing brand."
Linda Kaufman, Key Makeup Artist for Sleeping With Other People

"All I used on Anne Hathaway for 'The Intern' to achieve naturally flawless looking skin was the Maifanshi Moisture Foundation, Liquid Treatment Concealer and Face Powder. She loved the results!" Evelyne Noraz, Personal Makeup Artist for Anne Hathaway on The Intern
"Love working with Koh Gen Do products, foundations are beautiful for hi-def camera work, lip colors are natural and conditioning a favorite is shade BE403! The Cleansing Water is so wonderful for a quick makeup change its non-irritating and no residue makes for the ultimate make up remover! Easy to travel and carry with the Cleansing Water Cloth and the Pure cotton are lovely to use with the liquid form, removes waterproof make up easily!" Diane Heller, Key Makeup Artist for Insurgent and Allegiant

"Koh Gen Do's Maifanishi Aqua Foundation Illuminator and Moisture Concealer are two items I cannot live without - they truly are the keys to a flawless, radiant complexion and we greatly appreciated them on the set of 'Still Alice'."
Susan Reilly Lehane, Makeup Dept. Head for Still Alice "I was delighted using Koh Gen Do's Moisture Concealer, Moisture Foundation and Pressed Powder on Kate Bosworth. I also used the Moisture Concealer on Alec Baldwin when I was working on 'Still Alice'. It was wonderful experience for me working with great products from Koh Gen Do."
Jeong-Hwa Fonkalsrud, Key Makeup Artist for Still Alice "Flawless finish, exceptional coverage but extremely natural looking for high definition filming!"
Jane Galli, Makeup Dept. Head for The DUFF

"I love using Koh Gen Do's Maifanshi Moisture Foundation on all of my clients for film because it gives the perfect amount of coverage, always looks natural, and has a semi matte finish. I love how I can use it on both men and women because there isn't too much sheen but at the same time its moisturizing enough to never look dry. It also never builds up or gets cakey throughout the day, you can re-apply over and over again and it still looks natural. I used it on the entire cast of Spoils of Babylon including Kristen Wiig, Jessica Alba, and Tobey Macguire."
Nicole Artmont, Makeup Artist
"I love the Maifanshi Moisture Foundation and the Maifanshi Face Powder, it is the best for both male and female talent. It translates as real skin for HD filming. These are a MUST for every PRO Makeup Artist."
Stevie Martin, Makeup Dept. Head for Lila & Eve, Starring Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez "I love Koh Gen Do products and my go to products are the Maifanshi Natural Lighting Powder, Pressed Powder, Maifanshi Moisture Foundation, Moisture Concealer and skin care products they are All In One Moisture Spa Gel, Cleansing Water, Pure Cotton Pads and the Cleansing Water Cloth. The Spray Oriental Lotion is wonderful with the Maifanshi Moisture Foundation!"
Deborah Rutherford , Key Makeup Artist for Star Trek Into Darkness "I used Koh Gen Do wonderful products on my last few projects . Jessica Alba requested the Maifanshi Moisture Foundations on the set of Sin City 2 as well as the Maifanshi pressed powder, Maifanshi Liquid Treatment Concealer and the Moisture Concealer. I have since been using these great products on the set of American Hustle, the new David 0. Russell project ( starring Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence ) and again on Jessica Alba on the set of Dear Eleanor and for press events . I am a huge fan of the line! I use them as much as possible and the lipsticks are great as well!"
Evelyne Noraz, Makeup Dept. Head for American Hustle "For Rihanna's video, I prepped her skin using Koh Gen Do's Cleansing Water to replenish and rejuvenate her skin and to lock in hydration, we used the Oriental Plants Milky Lotion during the video shoot."
Mylah Morales, Celebrity Makeup Artist

"I first discovered Maifanshi Moisture Foundation and Makeup Color Bases while filming 'Gods Behaving Badly' with Sharon Stone. They have been our go-to product through four more features. It's flawless finish is unprecedented. I can't use anything else."
Eldo Ray Estes, Personal Makeup Artist for Sharon Stone "I loved using Koh Gen Do cosmetics on the set of Bling Ring. I used the OP Skin Lotion Spray on all of the actresses each morning and later in the day to make everyone feel refreshed. We wanted a very natural look so I used the Aqua Foundation for perfecting the skin, the lipsticks for a light and natural look. We finished the day using the Cleansing Water Cloths to remove makeup."
Roz Music, Makeup Dept. Head for Bling Ring starring Emma Watson

"Koh Gen Do is like no other foundation I've found. It makes the skin flawless , I'm so glad I found it for this Award Season!"
Eric Barnard, Celebrity Makeup Artist "I love the Koh Gen Do Cleansing Towels. They are fast and safe to clean skin in a pure way. Maifanshi Moisture Foundation can be applied for a sheer, natural finish on the skin. This is Perfect for a 'no-makeup' look. It sets perfectly with the Face Powder."
Kalaadevi Ananda, Makeup Dept. Head for 12 Years a Slave starring Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender

"I used the Koh Gen Do's Moisture Foundations in Catherine O'Hara's flashback scenes. Her skin brightened so much and looked so flawless. No other foundation has given such a great finish for HD. There's no reason to use anything else!"
Nicole Wodowski, Makeup Dept. Head for A.C.O.D. starring Amy Poehler, Jessica Alba, Catherine O'Hara "I've been using the foundations, concealer, and powder on her and there're all silky smooth and flawless. The concealer melts right into the skin and brightens up the eyes, and the Maifanshi Pressed Powder provides a gorgeous subtle highlight, perfect for the RED camera."
Betsy Kelly, Key Makeup Artist for Adult World starring Emma Roberts and John Cusack "Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Foundation gives a flawless coverage with a minimal amount of product. It's unique formula gives a most luminous, skin-like finish to the complexion. I have found it to be the perfect make-up for today's HD productions."
Eldo Ray Estes, four-time Emmy Award winning Makeup Artist, most recently on "The Mule", starring Sharon Stone and Billy Zane "We have used Koh Gen Do on Shame, The East and Frank and Robot and I still find it to be the best foundations for film. The Maifanshi Moisture Foundation & The Aqua Foundation look so real perfecting the skin. The coverage is great and the actors skin looks flawless on film. It's a no-brainer in choosing the right color for the right skin tone. Koh Gen Do has made the system as easy as 123. Each Maifanshi Color Base are excellent ways to bring out the true color of skin. The Spa line is also a must for cleaning the skin after a long day of work. The actors love it."
Nick London, Key Makeup Artist for Shame starring Carey Mulligan; Robot & Frank starring Liv Tyler & Susan Sarandon; The East starring Ellen Page & Brit Marland "The foundation is great! It's super for the HD that we are shooting. The right amount of coverage and color. This moisturizing foundation is like the perfect blend of primer and foundation I've come across in some time. It lends itself great for skin that needs moisture and coverage without being heavy. Thank you again, I'm looking forward to using more of the product in the future. And the Spa"
Greg T. Moon, Makeup Dept. Head for The Mule starring Sharon Stone and Billy Zane

"I have used the moisture foundation in the heat of summer in Louisiana and the frozen tundra of Alaska. It performed in both climates without missing a beat."
Karri Farris, Makeup Dept. Head for The Frozen Ground starring Radha Mitchell, Vanessa Hudgens and Nicolas Cage "I am now addicted to the Koh Gen Do Moisture Concealer. It is a must-have in my makeup kit. With the 3 different tones, coverage and consistency, it is indispensable and convenient. I gave it to my client recently, Brooke Shields, who thought it would be perfect for her every-day use. Thanks Koh Gen Do for making such a great product!"
Tina Turnbow, Celebrity Makeup Artist "I am obsessed with the Aqua Foundation. It creates a flawless canvas on all ages and skin types. I love its durability on set and that after an 18 hour shoot day my actors never complain about their makeup feeling too heavy or cakey."
Lana Horochowski, Makeup Dept. Head for Mad Men "I Love Koh Gen Do Products, I discovered them a few years ago at the IMATS Convention in LA. I really love the Maifanshi Natural Lightening Powder. It's milled to a beautiful consistency and glides on the face wonderfully. My favorite product in the entire line is in the Skin Care Series, the Spa Cleansing Water is a Miracle Product!! This is bar none, the Best Makeup Remover Product I have encountered in my career!! Its gentle and works on all skin types, from normal to ultra-sensitive. Cleansing Water gently removes heavy theatrical makeup ,normal daytime makeup as well as the most stubborn eyeliners and water proof mascaras. It's convenient, and the Cleansing Water Cloths are terrific! If there is one product I could recommend to every women who wears makeup it would be the Spa Cleansing Water!"
Roger Stricker, Makeup Supervisor for Cirque Du Soleil's Zumanity "Koh Gen Do foundations have become my go-to product. They give really beautiful, flawless coverage. The Spa Water is another favorite. It's a fast easy way to remove makeup and is great for even the most sensitive skin."
Kelley Mitchell, Makeup Dept. Head for Everybody Loves Whales starring Kristen Bell, Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski

"I feel confident that the excellent foundations, concealers, and lipsticks make any actress or actor I work on look fantastic!"
John Blake, Feature film Makeup Dept. Head for Fast and furious V and The Avengers "I love the Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation, the light weight smooth texture makes application easy, the high pigment and unique formula gives perfect coverage that looks natural and lasts for hours, quick, easy, flawless and no fuss which was necessary while in Nepal shooting a documentary with Demi Moore and CNN to bring awareness to the issue of Human Trafficking while following the amazing work of Anuradha and her Maiti Nepal organization."
Jo Strettell, Celebrity Makeup Artist with The Magnet Agency Wordwide "Thank you for supporting The Motel Life and for continuing to allow me to offer this quality of makeup to my actors. I ended up going with Moisture Foundation 023 for Dakota's healthy older look, and it was perfect. She has such beautiful skin, I really needed makeup without a visible texture and yours was perfect."
Michelle Kearns, Makeup Dept. Head for The Motel Life starring Dakota Fanning "I used the skincare and particularly found the cleansing water to be wonderful for quick touch-ups between Vanessa's press appearances today. I just dipped a mini q-tip in the Spa Cleansing Water and with just one quick swipe any eye shadow fall-out was history! A must for under hot TV lights. I also used the high-def powder on Vanessa with the softest puffs ever. And for underneath her eyes the lighting powder was perfect for bouncing the light and giving that beautiful soft-focus appearance."
Suzy Gerstein, Celebrity Makeup Artist, referring to actress Vanessa Marcil "Koh Gen Do Makeup is one of best makeups to use in film. It looks so real on the actors. I started to use Koh Gen Do while working on a segment for television about green friendly cosmetics. The skin care and the makeup are perfect for all skin types. The soft Gommage Gel is a excellent exfoliant. The Cleansing water is so gentle in removing oil and makeup from the actors skin. The Oriental Plants Skin Lotion is the best way to prep the skin fast before makeup. The Maifanshi Moisture Foundation and powders are so real and perfect for HD and 3D film. The look you get is like no other product. It's natural & fresh and the actors love it."
Nick London, Key Makeup Artist for My Idiot Brother & Shame

"The Spa Water makeup remover wipes are the best that I have used. Our actors on Glee also love them and we can barely keep them stocked."
Jenn Greenberg, Key Makeup Artist for Glee
"The colors and stay power of the Koh Gen Do moisture foundations were fundamental for the filming of FOOTLOOSE. The southern heat and dancing required a makeup base that would hold up to perspiration, and it was so easy to reapply between takes."
Vivian Baker, Makeup Dept. Head for Footloose starring Julianne Hough "Being foremost a fine artist, I equate applying makeup to painting. In any artistic endeavour it is paramount to start with the proper supplies. Koh Gen Do offers me the best quality of high definition foundation I've used thus far, allowing me to create with the confidence that my "canvas" has been treated the way I would treat any work of art."
Joel Harlow, Makeup Dept. Head for Tourist starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie "Koh Gen Do is a great product. I love how the foundations melt into the skin, especially with working in HD. I also love how the concealers have great coverage while not being to heavy. I suggest everyone give it a try and discover it for yourself."
Cassandra Keating, Makeup Dept. Head for Friends with Kids starring Jon Hamm, Megan Fox, Kristen Wiig, & Jennifer Westfeldt "In a world of HD I find Koh Gen Do to be a dream makeup! It makes my canvas look smooth, flawless, and beautiful. It also stays beautifully on the skin. And after a long day or makeup and prosthetics it's nice to pamper my actors skin with Cleansing Spa Water and that delicious Organic Cotton. I am over the moon for this line!"
Courtney Lether, Special Effects Makeup Artist for Green Lantern

"The concealers are a life saver, they're great when I want to do a quick touch-up on set. They give me the coverage I want without making Maggie look too made up. I will continue to use the products in the future."
Chris Pizzarelli, Makeup Dept. Head for Nikita starring Maggie Q and Lyndsey Fonseca "Koh Gen Do Cosmetics is one of my personal favorites. I use it on myself and Kelly. The finish is flawless and natural. The line is inspired by it's dedication to skincare. I adore the foundations and face powders....exquisite."
Michelle Champagne, Celebrity Makeup Artist for Regis & Kelly Show "I am a big fan of Koh Gen Do and love using it on my actors. The foundations work amazing with HD and the lipsticks are super moist and nice to wear."
Simone Almekias-Siegl, Makeup Dept. Head for feature film "You Again" starring Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kristen Chenoweth and Sigourney Weaver "Koh Gen Do is versatile and as a make up artist I am often called upon to do a variety of skin types and tones, as well as mediums such as film, television, photography, and music videos. I have used Koh Gen Do in my natural, glamour, character, and special effects make up."
Deborah Rutherford, Makeup Dept. Head for Columbus Circle starring Selma Blair, Amy Smart, Jason Lee, Giovani Ribisi "Thank you to Koh Gen Do for making my job easier..!! I was mixing the Aqua foundation with the Maifanshi moisture foundation & found it to be a perfect combination for the actors skin tones & look that I needed. Not to mention the film stock we were using just loved it. Everything about the Cleansing spa water I residue was left on the skin & it wasn't at all drying. I am a huge fan of koh gen do, I feel that we have reached a new level in quality! Looking forward to a long lasting relationship ....!! Thank you....Thank you..!!"
Desne Holland, Makeup Dept. Head on feature film 'Another Happy Day' starring Ellen Barkin, Demi Moore, Kate Bosworth, Ellen Burstyn

"I have never used such an innovative and comprehensive line of foundation or skin care. My latest discovery was learning that the moisture and the aqua line can be mixed for achieving color subtleties which I needed on Christina Applegate, as her character goes from pale to tan. KGD delivers illusive beauty every time."
Sarah Mays, Makeup Dept. Head for Hall Pass starring Christina Applegate, Owen Wilson, Alyssa Milano, Jenna Fischer "I am very pleased with the results of the Koh Gen Do makeup products used on Source Code. I like the natural fine-smoothing finish, resulting in a wonderfully vibrant and flawless skin tone. I must say the product suits the HD format extremely well."
"My Koh Gen Do experience has been truly marvelous and you can be assured that these products will remain a mainstay in my makeup kit."
Diane Simard, Key Makeup Artist for Source Code starring Michelle Monahan, Vera Farmiga, Jake Gyllenhaal "After 40 years on the air, All My Children went into Hi-Def. Koh Gen Do's Moisture Foundation, along with their Oriental plant based skin care, made it a smooth, flawless transition for the makeup team as well as the actors"
Kerry Herta, Makeup Dept. Head for All My Children "With all the new cosmetic lines flooding the market, Koh Gen Do delivers. It gives an amazing finish perfect for HD. I especially love the Macro Vintage Essence Mask."
Michelle Daurio, Makeup Dept. Head for CBS "The Late Late Show" w Craig Ferguson & HBO's "Real Time w Bill Maher" "In my opinion the search for the flawless foundation ended when I was introduced to Koh Gen Do. The Moisture Foundation looks as fresh as the moment of application even after a 12 hour work day with minimal retouching.
Once it is powder set it is water resistant and sweat-proof. The coverage is buildable and still looks and feels like skin.I have used it on the most sensitive skin types and because it is a botanically based line easily irritable skin remains calm. The Pearl White is the greatest secret weapon for blurring fine lines and large pores. This brand is a staple in my kit and I am patiently waiting for all of the wonderful things to come."
Autumn Butler, Makeup Dept. Head for Parks and Recreation starring Amy Poehler "I discovered Koh Gen Do (KGD) at the IMATS of 07 and have found it simply one of the most versatile and user friendly lines of makeup that I have ever encountered. After much experience with the challenges that HD shooting poses, I came to learn that only ONE powder- KGD's Natural Lighting Powder could cut the sheen from certain harsh interior lighting, and outdid all others including anti-shine - AMAZING. Between their 3 foundation colors, 3 color primers, and 2 of the most effective HD loose powders I've encountered, I can satisfy most of my basic makeup needs. " "KGD's yellow primer makes for the most flawless of skin tones, even where more makeup coverage is needed, this primer allows for a sheer makeup application...GORGEOUS."
"I cannot say enough wonderful things about KGD's Spa Water... It's nearly EVERYTHING in one when it comes to a facial wash..."
Sarah Mays, Makeup Dept. Head for Blindside, Zombieland

"The Lipstick palette is beautiful as well as the texture. The colors are foolproof, warm and lights up our face. I have been using the skin care and find it to be one of the best. After trying all of the high end lines, I love this one. I see and feel a difference in the texture of my skin!"
Ronnie Specter, Celebrity Makeup Artist for Kim Basinger, Michelle Pfeiffer "The Maifanshi Pressed Powder is beautiful and delicate enough for the under eye area. The Fresh Face blushes are subtle and distribute evenly and velvety on the skin....gorgeous!"
Melanie Hughes-Weaver, Makeup Dept. Head for The Next Three Days starring Elizabeth Banks, Russell Crowe "I love using Koh Gen Do. The makeup is flawless and beautiful. The girls on Eastwick love the line.
Jori Jenae, Makeup Dept. Head for Eastwick "Makeup has finally reached where we want it."
Myke Michaels, Makeup Dept. Head for The Big Bang starring Antonio Banderas "First of all, we are in love with the line. I especially like the yellow toned concealer. The skincare line is lightweight and clean, perfect with makeup and to help nurture the skin after. We also love the powder puffs, organic cotton pads and Cleansing Spa Water... Simple but so nice to have added to our makeup kits."
Melanie Mills, Makeup Dept. Head for Dancing With the Stars

"Koh Gen Do moisture foundations are not only great for HD, they are one of the only brands that work as well on mature skin as they do on 20-somethings. I love using the Pearl White base underneath for a perfect, flawless look and then adding warmth with the glow of the Natural Lighting loose powder. Another amazing thing is watching how the Cleansing Water removes even stubborn sfx makeup. That stuff is magic in a bottle!"
Joelle Troisi, Key Makeup Artist on HBO's 'You Don't Know Jack' starring Susan Sarandon, Al Pacino and John Goodman "I've been using Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation 03 and Maifanshi Natural Lighting Powder on Jake Gyllenhaal for his roll in 'Love and Other Drugs' and have had beautiful results. Key Makeup Artist Vivian Baker, who recently won an Emmy for her work on 'Grey Gardens,' loves the Oriental Plants Lotion and Emollient Cream which leave the skin feeling hydrated and radiant. We both adore the Maifanshi Lipsticks. They give beautiful sheer color that looks stunning on camera. For Judy Greer, we used the Lipstick in pk02, and the Moisture Foundation in pk13 and she looked amazing."
Elaine Offers, Makeup Dept. Head on feature film "Love and Other Drugs" starring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal "I use Koh Gen Do on Vanessa Williams every day on set and we both love it! It gives a light reflecting sheen to her skin! We shoot in HD so this line works perfectly in making her skin look flawless on camera. I use a mixture of the Moisture Foundations (# 301, 302, and 303) and then set the look with the HD Powder in Medium."
Kate Best, Key Makeup Artist for Vanessa Williams on Ugly Betty "I love Koh Gen Do products! Our show shoots in HD and once I used the miraculous HD foundations, the result was a flawless finish! The foundation is easily blendable, it stays put and I don't need to do as many touch ups during the day as I used to. It also cuts down on the time the actor is in my chair since I use less concealer now."
Sarit Klein, Key Makeup Artist for Nurse Jackie

"If you're looking for a buildable and touchable complexion, Koh Gen Do is the foundation you want to use! I use it for both editorial and film and the finish is remarkable. Its mixing methods alone gives the artist creative flexibility without compromising texture. Something I find very important when creating a balanced base. You will fall in love, trust me."
Daniel Martin, Celebrity Makeup Artist of Wall Group, NY "I absolutely love Koh Gen Do foundations. I work with Celebrities for Red Carpet Events, Magazines and Talk Shows and these foundations go on smoothly , they blend easily and never look heavy, and the loose powder actually gives the skin a lovely sheen, without creasing or settling in fine lines. Finally a foundation that my clients will actually say "my skin looks flawless" Thank you and I can't wait to see what you come out with next!"
Coleen Campbell-Olwell, Celebrity Makeup Artist for Jennifer Morrison. "I am a huge fan of the new Koh Gen Do Lip Colors. They glide on so smoothly & provide a moist subtle pout. You'll find them in my kit and my purse."
Paula Jane Hamilton, Key Makeup Artist for Melrose Place "I found the products to be of high quality and they created a natural yet flawless, no makeup look, and after wearing products for long hours under the hot lights no problems with breakouts! Thanks for creating something that helps Makeup Artists look better and satisfy the needs of our talent."
Diane Heller, Makeup Artist for The Last Airbender

"Koh Gen Do Moisture foundation is gorgeous. If you are looking for a way to streamline your kit, here it is. They come in a convenient tube so you can control the amount you need and no cross contamination. Apply sheer or add layers where you need it. We have all run into actor's that don't like to be powdered but if you get the Maifanshi powder and powder puffs your problems are solved. The puffs are so luxurious and the powder is so sheer actors look forward to being powdered because they love the feel of the puff on their face."
Kim Ayers, Makeup Artist for Year One, Angels & Demons, Ironman 2 "I have found the KGD Aqua foundations easy to apply, they glide on creamy and the result is a very fresh flawless complexion. It works wonders on the HD format. The lipsticks are very moist and in great hues, amazing for a subtle natural look, very now. Every time I use them on my female cast they can't get enough of it."
Marianna Elias, Makeup Dept. Head for House MD "As department head of makeup on "Entourage" and also "90210" I rely on all of the Koh Gen Do products. With today's high definition television I never have to worry that the makeup will look too heavy or cakey. The skin always looks fresh and flawless. The moisture foundation is amazing ! It glides on and makes the skin look flawless without ever looking like makeup. I also love all the primers because it smooths out the skin while toning down redness so you can apply less makeup. Most important is the skincare. For an absolutely beautiful face I always have the actors use all the skincare products to ensure their skin is in the best possible shape before applying the makeup."
Robert Rapport, Makeup Dept. Head for Entourage, 90210 "Koh Gen Do foundations are so beautiful and when shooting in HD it is very important to have a foundation that you can trust. Koh Gen Do foundation enhanced Katherine's flawless look. Even after hours in the heat and humidity it never failed us. I love Koh Gen Do products."
Tania McComas, Makeup Dept. Head for feature film Killers' starring Katherine Heigl, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Selleck and Catherine O'hara "Discover an exclusive line - I'm fortunate enough to have found a line of products that simply works! The prestigious long-lasting HD foundation is a beautiful discovery. Skin is perfectly flawless, revitalized and the make-up stays in place!! I love the color base which brings radiance and freshness to the skin. The powder gives a beautiful glow, it's silk on your skin! This is the make-up that will stay in your kit FOREVER. Koh Gen Do also has exceptional botanical skin care products for the convenience of all. Preserve the beauty and health of your skin through a simple process and a new philosophy. Cleaning, massage and restoration! Skin will embrace the beneficial results. It's a unique combination of nature, simplicity, technology and science."
Mireille Bertrand, Makeup Artist/Instructor

"I love using the Aqua Foundation white illuminator for a nice glow on the face using the airbrush on just the high points of the face. I also love the color bases, they have done wonders toning down the ruddiness especially in harsh climates of wind and sun."
Rocky Faulkner, Makeup Artist, One Tree Hill "I rarely get excited about the endless succession of new products, but Koh Gen Do is an exception. Their original creme base has a unique finish and look on the skin and the under-eye correctors completely mask discolorations without requiring much retouching and without looking cakey.
Their new liquid base also compares favorably in texture to other top lines.
I use Koh Gen Do on Pushing Daisies and have been very happy with the results."
Todd McIntosh, Makeup Dept. Head for Pushing Daisies

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