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Macro Vintage Eye Treatment

Macro Vintage Eye Treatment


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Macro Vintage Eye Treatment

Net Wt. 0.71 oz. / 20 g
Gentle Anti-Aging Eye Cream that Relieves Tension, Brings Vitality and Brightness

With a creamy texture, this Eye Treatment melts into skin with ease and helps restore moisture and diminish the appearance of small wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

Aging skin around the eye area is caused by exhausted overused muscle from the strain of computer use and also from harsh environmental conditions. This dual action eye treatment provides both preventive and treatment based ingredients such as Shea butter, Algae and Alpine Glacial Water to combat signs of aging and to keep skin looking young and healthy.

Properties that support healthy, youthful skin:
  1. 1. Infused with the highest concentration of Algae, it works to strengthen the skin around the eyes. When massaging into skin, ingredients penetrate into the cells allowing the skin to breathe for added brightness.
  2. 2. Created with Shea Butter, this active ingredient works to naturally nourish and add collagen to the area for a more supple tone and fresh look. This anti-wrinkle agent helps to improve circulation and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. 3. Alpine Glacier Water hydrates and moisturizes skin while replenishing the eye area with essential minerals for healthy vibrant skin.

No artificial colors, fragrance, petroleum-based mineral oil or paraben.

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