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Triple Lighting Foundation with Compact

Triple Lighting Foundation with Compact

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Triple Lighting Foundation with Compact

Purchase our Triple Lighting Foundation Refill and Compact together in one order.
Enjoy our Improved Powder Foundation to create a Digital Nude Finish with the soft latex-free sponge. Now in a chic red, slim compact to carry and reset your look anytime.


  1. - Triple Lighting Foundation Compact
  2. - Triple Lighting Foundation Refill (One sponge included)

Triple Lighting Foundation Compact

4.74 x 2.41 in

Compact sold separately here.

Triple Lighting Foundation(Refill)  

Choose out of 6 shades from 'Select Color' on the top right.

Refill sold separately here.

Net Wt. 0.31 / 9 g
SPF22 PA++
PK-1: Fair with pink undertones.
OC-1: Medium Light with warm undertones.
OC-2: Medium Dark with warm undertones.
BE-1: Diffuses red undertones.
BR-1: Medium to dark caramel with yellow undertones.
BR-2: Medium to dark cocoa with red undertones.

A new powder foundation for the 3D generation that appears digitally corrected leaving skin appearing flawlessly nude.
Strong lighting is not what we need, but that natural luminescence that the skin itself has. The moisturizing ingredients integrated into the powder formulation penetrates the top layer of the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

The "Auto Beautiful Skin Mode" automatically controls the three lighting effects and covers uneven skin tone and roughness as if skin was digitally corrected. The foundation does not become cakey, even after layering, and creates a smooth, natural glow under any condition.

Create a digital nude finish with the new "Auto Beautiful Skin Mode"
  • Soft Focus Effect - Multilayered Reflecting Powder
    Each powder particle consists of multiple layers, with each layer reflecting light, diffusing it for a soft focus. This creates a natural glow, leaving the impression of dewy skin.
  • Light Reflecting Effect - Solid Clear Color Powder
    A clear coating encapsulates the color components, protecting them from oil and sweat and preventing color dullness.
  • Spotlight Effect - Auto Pin Spot Light
    Ultrafine pearl particles in white silver gather light, giving skin brightness and radiance. This powder covers dullness and camouflages pores and fine lines.
Keep skin soft with the "Moisturizing Treatment for the Stratum Corneum"

Rough, dry skin can cause the deterioration of makeup. This moisturizing treatment protects against dryness, creating long-lasting, beautiful, nude skin. The foundation conditions and hydrates skin while calming irritations on the skin surface and in pores, leaving skin soft and smooth. Moisture sealing technology holds in the rich emollient ingredients, delivering the effects of a moisturizer when foundation is applied. Even when wearing makeup for an extended period of time, the moisture delivered upon the first application lasts for hours.

"Air & Essence-In Formula" that feels like no makeup!

To fully treat and moisturize the skin, Koh Gen Do uses the "Air & Essence-In Formula," which incorporates fine powder particles soaked in our Oriental Plant Essence. The result is a feathery light and soft powder foundation that moisturizes like a skin care product while it wears with a smooth, lightweight texture.
*This refill will also fit in the previous type of Triple Lighting Foundation Compact.

No artificial colors, fragrance or petroleum-based mineral oil.

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