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Moisture Concealer

Moisture Concealer


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Moisture Concealer

Net wt. 0.14 oz. / 4 g
Includes one brush
Dark    Medium    Light

No artificial colors, fragrance, petroleum-based mineral oil or paraben.
New Moisture Concealer with a Perfect Texture for Application and a Gentle Formulation for Your Skin

A new advanced skin care integrated concealer that covers discolorations, dark circles and primes your eyelids, all in one palette! The use of cutting edge technology to create products that achieve high definition looks makes it easy to apply base makeup like a pro.

Gentle moisturizing botanical ingredients take care of areas prone to dryness, such as under the eyes, where concealers are usually most needed. The smooth, soft texture applies evenly, allowing sheer layering that fits perfectly onto your skin with long wearing results. Moisture Concealer also includes pearl powders for great coverage. The pearl powders and pure mineral pigments camouflage blemishes, freckles and general discolorations of the skin and deflect the redness that lighting can intensify. For all skin types, it will leave your skin looking natural without cakiness while giving increased coverage.

Four individually shaped powders cover, blend and fit perfectly onto your skin for that flawless finish:

Flat, skin adhering-shaped powder for that long lasting wear.
Prism-shaped with the newest color coating technology used to add more iridescence to the red, yellow and white pearly powders that gives a natural dewy luster on the skin.
Round, oil-absorbing shape with indentations to keep that perfect fit.
Round shape with moisturizing amino acid to prevent dryness.

*See Directions to learn how to use each shade.

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