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Macro Vintage Royal Massage Milk

Macro Vintage Royal Massage Milk


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Macro Vintage Royal Massage Milk

4.06 fl oz / 120 ml

A luxurious milky cream with the perfect texture to glide

A moisturizer with anti-aging micro-collagens to plump and smooth
No wiping or rinsing off is necessary, let it continue the treatment even while you sleep.
Massage your face with this skincare milk before makeup and the luxurious combination of treatment oils will reset your skin to create a perfect base makeup.

The Secret to Softness – 24 hours / 365 days flexibility care
  • 10 Pumps   As a massage cream (evening)
    Give skin softness with the “Macro Beauty Massage,” Argireline which increases tone and improves texture with results similar to professional skin care treatments.
  • 5 Pumps   Remove dead skin cells with milk (morning / evening)
    After washing your face, use the Royal Massage Milk with cotton pads. Ingredients like lactic and malic acid gently clean off accumulated layers of dead skin cells and melanin.
  • 2-3 Pumps   As a Moisturizer (morning / evening)
    Use after Skin Lotion, massaging it lightly into the skin for moisture and protection.
  • HINT – For Massage: Use the Oriental Plants Skin Lotion or Spray and extend the length of your massage
    when more product is needed to continue the smooth glide of the massage.
    For Moisturizer: Use the Oriental Plants Skin Lotion or Spray to blend the
    product into your skin for a lighter moisturization.

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